Headaches in Thousand Oaks, CA

If you suffer from frequent headaches, there’s a good possibility the pain may be caused by untreated dental problems. For example, even if your headache can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medication, the fact that it always comes back means it might be attributable to TMJ disorder, bruxism, or untreated dental decay. Dr. Savitha Siddappa of Thousand Oaks, CA is experienced at recognizing and treating headaches that originate from these conditions and can identify and treat possible causes of recurrent headaches.

Dental Causes Behind Headaches

Do you suffer from:

  • Frequent recurring headaches?
  • Pain in the neck, jaw or temples?
  • Headaches upon waking in the morning?
  • Pain that radiates from the jaw?
  • Popping or clicking sounds in the jaw?

If so, there’s a possibility your headaches may be treatable with dental intervention from the Prism Dental Group. The most common dental conditions that lead to pain in the head, face, and neck are: bite misalignment, TMJ disorder, bruxism, and tooth decay (cavities).

Bite Misalignment

When the teeth do not fit together properly for chewing and while the jaw is at rest, this can to dysfunction in the muscles and bones that work when the jaw opens and closes. This can cause myofascial (facial) pain, pain in the jaw, and headaches. It can also lead to wear on the teeth where friction is great, which can make them more prone to dental decay. If you have a misaligned bite (malocclusion), you may notice the appearance of an overbite, under bite, cross bite, or may have difficulty chewing and opening and closing the jaw. TMJ disorder and bruxism are frequently associated with this problem. Orthodontics (braces) are a common treatment for malocclusion; ask Dr. Siddappa about other recommended treatments.

TMJ Disorder

This common problem occurs when the temporomandibular joints of the jaw do not function optimally, and may lead to headaches, pain in the neck and face, and a popping or clicking sound in the jaw. You may also notice a feeling of shifting when you open and close your mouth. Since a misaligned bite is often the cause of this problem, orthodontic treatments (braces) can often help this condition, but it is not the only option for relieving your painful symptoms. Ask Dr. Siddappa about her full range of TMJ treatment and therapies.


Patients who suffer from bruxism are prone to clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth, especially when sleeping at night. Many patients are unaware they suffer from this condition, and may only be aware of it when a partner or family member has mentioned hearing the tell-tale sound of teeth grinding against each other in the night. If you wake in the morning with a headache, especially in the temples, or jaw pain, you may suffer from bruxism. While the symptoms of bruxism are not fully understood, it is commonly associated with bite misalignment and can often be controlled with orthodontic treatments or a night guard.

Untreated Decay

When tooth decay is not prevented and treated promptly in its early stages it can lead to many painful symptoms. The most common symptom of deep dental decay is toothache, but all patients may have different levels of sensitivity within their teeth. For some the pain may seem to emanate in the face or jaw rather than the tooth. Dental decay can lead to painful abscesses, as well, which can spread infection to other parts of the body if not treated—and even lead to life-threatening conditions.

Dr. Siddappa Can Help!

If you suffer from frequent headaches and have been writing them off as just “stress-related,” visit Dr. Siddappa and she can help you get to the bottom of your pain. As an experienced dentist, she can identify the features of your unique dentition that may contribute to a dental condition and determine if your set of symptoms may be related.

Dr. Siddappa will examine your teeth and gums, and take x-rays to help identify any underlying problems that may be causing your pain. She will also explain every step of the diagnostic process, so you understand how your symptoms and examination work together to create a dental diagnosis.  

Contact Prism Dental Group

If you’ve seen a doctor and have had little success relieving your recurrent pain, a visit to the dentist may help. Most of the times people don’t think of dentists as source for seeking care for their headaches, but the truth is that we have many solutions available that may offer you relief!

Call Prism Dental Group at 805-241-5353 or contact us online to set up an appointment with Dr. Siddappa for a personalized consultation about your headache pain.

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