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Your Regular Dental Appointment

Keeping up with your regular dental visits can help your smile remain healthy and beautiful. Even if you take very good care of your teeth at home, there are hard-to-reach areas that can be havens for bacteria. Our experienced dental team can gently clean every surface of your teeth to ensure they’re free of disease.

Dental Exams, X-Rays, and Cleanings

Every six months, we recommend you come in for a dental cleaning and examination. At this appointment, we’ll clean your teeth to keep them sparkling and bacteria-free. We’ll also perform a complete examination of your teeth, gums, throat, and face to detect any issues.
It’s important to make these appointments because we can determine if you have any oral health issues developing. We’ll be able to catch any oral disease or cavities before they become a serious problem so you won’t have to worry about your smile.

Oral Cancer Screening

One of the most serious diseases we look for during your examination is oral cancer. This deadly disease can quickly become a major problem if it isn’t detected in the early stages. It’s easily treatable when in these beginning stages, though.
If we see potential signs of oral cancer, we’ll perform further tests to make sure. Then, we can provide effective treatment to prevent the oral cancer from worsening.

Cavity Treatment: Fillings & Root Canals

If we detect damage from harmful bacteria, we can fix the problem using effective and gentle solutions. When bacteria attack, they eat through the layers of your teeth - first through the hard outer layer called enamel, then a softer layer called dentin, then finally to the inner part of your tooth, called the root canal.

Cavity Treatment

Decay that’s gone through your enamel and into your dentin forms a hole that we call a cavity. For cavities, we can clean them out and fill them a tooth-colored resin so they look natural and undamaged.
Some cavities don’t hurt but they can threaten your tooth. That’s why it’s important to attend your regular dental appointments -- we can detect cavities that you’d never realize you had.

Root Canal Therapy

If you leave a cavity untreated, the bacteria can travel further into your tooth until they reach the root canal. The root canal is the home of sensitive bundles of nerves called the tooth pulp and they can become very painful when infected.
Root canal therapy can save your natural tooth and relieve this pain, stopping the infection from spreading and affecting your other teeth. Dr. Siddappa will remove the infected pulp from your tooth and replace it with a filling material to keep your tooth strong -- she’ll then repair your tooth and cover it with a natural-looking crown for extra protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do teeth cleanings whiten teeth?

Teeth cleaning can help your teeth appear whiter. We can polish your teeth and clean off some minor stains, so your smile will appear brighter. If you have some small or recent stains, they may be lifted through thorough professional cleaning.
If you’d like your teeth to be even whiter, we can provide a teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening can significantly brighten your teeth and give you confidence.

Can teeth cleaning damage your teeth?

No, teeth cleaning doesn’t damage your teeth. In fact, getting regular teeth cleanings can prevent your teeth from becoming damaged. Cleanings get rid of harmful bacteria on your teeth that can lead to cavities and oral disease.
We recommend getting your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. Regular cleanings help prevent serious oral health issues and can save you from needing to undergo invasive procedures.

Are dental cleanings really necessary?

Yes, dental cleanings are necessary if you want a beautiful and healthy smile. Cleanings can help your teeth appear whiter and shinier because we’ll clean off all hardened plaque and harmful bacteria. This saves you from needing invasive restorative procedures.
Even if you clean your teeth thoroughly at home, there are places that the best of us can miss. The plaque in those areas can harden and become more difficult to remove without professional tools.

Dr. Siddappa - Your Friendly, Caring Dentist

For all your general dentistry needs, Dr. Siddappa can provide individualized care. We can make sure your smile is healthy and beautiful by thoroughly cleaning and restoring your teeth. To learn how we can help you, call our office at (805) 241-5353 or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.