Tooth Extractions


Even though the goal of dentistry is to preserve teeth, teeth extractions are done when your teeth are severely damaged by cavities, fractures,trauma, impacted or periodontal disease.

Tooth extractions can be :

  • simple extraction
  • surgical extraction
  • wisdom teeth extraction
  • extraction for orthodontic reasons

After performing tooth extraction, bone grafting is highly recommended as the next step in attaining oral health.

What is bone grafting?

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Bone grafting is a simple procedure that is performed by your dentist in the office. This process includes placing grafting material and possible membrane to cover the socket after tooth extraction. graft material is safe and biocompatible which aids in formation of new bone in your body. Your dentist can also use platelet rich fibrin (PRF) in the process which is generated from your own blood to aid in the process.

Why is bone necessary?

If nothing is done to maintain the original space of the tooth, it is natural for the socket will fill with faster growing soft tissue, taking away bone height and width. this eventually will create a dent in the place where tooth was pulled and need more extensive procedures later on.

Advantages of Bone Graft

  • Preservation of natural bone
  • Better appearance
  • Improves the esthetics and function of dentures, bridges and implants

How Dr. Siddappa Can Help You

An expert at tooth extractions and bone grafts, Dr. Siddappa can offer you a personalized treatment plan that suits your needs.